5 Gifts Under $10 for Festival Lovers

Looking for a perfect (and inexpensive!) gift for your festival-loving friend or relative? Here are my 5 favorite interactive festival necessities. Gift one and put a permanent smile on your friends' face :)

1.  Vision-Changing Glasses

These might be my favorite festival accessory of all time! Glasses that change the scenery make every festival a blast and they're the easiest thing to share with others to make sure they have a great time too. Here are a few types:

Diffraction Glasses • $9.95 

These make every point of light into a rainbow. It never gets old! Incredibly fun, and they're a great gift for kids too!


Kaleidoscope Glasses • $9

As you might guess, these glasses make the whole world look like it's been rolled around in a kaleidoscope. Pretty wild for those who don't mind walking around without any depth perception ;) 


My pick:  Pack of 20 Paper Diffraction Glasses • $7

These are the perfect way to be the life of the party. Hand these out to 20 strangers at a festival and you've suddenly got a 20-person entourage! 


2. Light-Up Orbital • $9.99

These light-up spinning toys will provide endless hours of fun at festivals. Perfect entertainment while you're waiting in long porta potty lines.

*Price changed to $11.99 (Dec 13, 2018)


3. Flow Ring • $9

This is an incredibly simple and fun toy that's tactile, visual, and easy to share. Great to dance with and pass around to your friends.


4. Tiger Balm • $5

I know this one sounds bizarre, but there's nothing like Tiger Balm to revive your sore muscles after hours of dancing. I like to carry it with me for a mid-set revitalization. Rub some on the back of your neck to give your brain a wake-up too!


5. Metallic Tattoos • $9.95

These are a great environmentally friendly substitute for glitter (since glitter eventually falls of and becomes litter). Just as shiny and easy to share, and they stay on for a couple days :)


Bonus Gift Idea from Youphoria

Ladies' Top or Men's Tank, handmade by me! • $35

For that special someone who loves to shine. Interactive sequins add fun to every party and high-quality spandex fabric makes them perfect for dancing all day or night. And as always, there are pockets in every Youphoria top! Custom colors and sizes available.




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    Great gift ideas!

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