Fabulous Masks for You and Our Nurses (Buy one, donate FOUR) 😷

In this challenging and uncertain time it's hard to know where and how to help. Sometimes it's easiest to retreat and simply take care of yourself - I feel you! But don't despair. Small actions can make real positive impact where it matters. 

Help me support our first responders by providing them with the protective equipment that they desperately need, AND keep yourself safer with your own reusable mask that you'll actually enjoy wearing! 

Every mask purchased funds the donation of four more masks and surgical hats to our healthcare workers and other organizations in need (homeless shelters, first responders, nursing homes, etc). 

Click here to find out more and buy yours now 

Stay safe and take care,


"It is okay to not have the answer. One of the bravest things you can do is boldly embrace the unknown, accept your fear and still continue to move forward. A clear mission does not always have a clear path."

- Yung Pueblo

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