It's OK to not be OK

I know, sometimes it seems like everyone around you is happy and you aren't, and it's hard to understand why and find any motivation to do anything about it.

It's okay! It's okay to feel shitty, to not make the most of every moment, to just be sad for a while. 

We are all grieving something - the loss of comfortable routines, of energizing social time, of a secure and predictable future, of fun events and adventures we were looking forward too. Adjusting to these losses will take some time, even if they seem minor in comparison to tragedies that others are experiencing.

Take your time, be kind to yourself, and when you're ready to poke your head back up, here are a few easy ways to take care of yourself.

• Go outside -- feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, and get lost in the movement of the leaves on the trees.

• Get your heart rate up -- walk, hike, run, yoga, jumping jacks, pushups, anything to get your blood moving just a little bit. 

 Savor it! -- really enjoy whatever it is that you're doing, even if it's watching Netflix all day (I've done it!). Remember that your time is your own. Let go of "I should be doing..." and congratulate yourself for choosing to do exactly what you feel like doing right now.

With love,

P.S. My handmade protective masks are available here! Your purchase helps me produce extra masks for donation to organizations in need. 

Not sure if you need one? Here's a couple articles from the Washington Post: Simple DIY masks could help flatten the curve. We should all wear them in public. and the New York Times: It’s Time to Make Your Own Face Mask (with instructions too).


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