Wisdom for the Hard Times

Sad though we are that festival season has been postponed for a while, our mission is still to bring joy to your life, in any way we can. For now, here's a section from today's meditation from Melody Beattie's book, Journey to the Heart. I hope it may be helpful to you, if not now, then sometime in the near future. And if not, there's always the cute kitten video link at the bottom :)
March 19
Get Back in Your Body
     "Instinctively, when we become afraid or find ourselves in a painful situation, we may leave our bodies temporarily. We may shut down, move our consciousness out, abandon or ignore ourselves. 
     Sometimes, it's natural to go numb, to just go through the motions until things calm down. It's easier than feeling. But shutting down our bodies and emotions--disappearing--as a way of life won't get us where we're going--to the heart. Living with an open heart means we stay present for ourselves and feel as much as we can, as much as we need to. 
     You know how to own your power. You know how to lovingly care for and nurture yourself. You know you can trust yourself. 
     Deliberately, consciously, get back in your body. Feel your feet, head, arms, legs. Feel your heart; listen to it beat. Rub your shoulders. Massage your feet"
And if you need a little extra cheer in your day, here's a smile for you:
Wishing you a safe and healthy month,
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