Face Mask for You and Our Healthcare Workers
Face Mask for You and Our Healthcare Workers
Face Mask for You and Our Healthcare Workers
Face Mask for You and Our Healthcare Workers
Face Mask for You and Our Healthcare Workers
Face Mask for You and Our Healthcare Workers

Face Mask for You and Our Healthcare Workers

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 This purchase will buy you one fabulous handmade face mask AND fund the donation of two more masks to healthcare workers and other organizations in need (nursing homes, homeless shelters, first responders, etc). 

In this challenging and uncertain time, you can make a positive impact with small actions like this one. Help support our communities at risk by providing them with the protective equipment that they desperately need. 

Your generous support is incredibly valuable. Thank you!


Masks donated so far: 482

If your organization is in need of fabric masks, please reach out to me at rachelle@youphoriafestivalwear.com and I'll add you to my donation list! 


"I received my mask today and I must say out of all the masks I've purchased different vendors, your mask is the most well designed.  It says a lot about a business when they take such care to deliver quality during this time. Well done."
- Christy


Mask Details

The masks have two elastic ear straps and a wire inside the top seam to allow the mask to form around your nose and create a tighter air seal. If the elastic ear straps are uncomfortable, you can tie a stretchy piece of fabric or something similar (shoelaces, etc) around your head like a headband and loop it through the ear straps. 

If you'd like the mask to be more snug, I suggest folding the sides in and securing with a safety pin: 


Masks are made from tightly woven 100% cotton fabric. They are sterilized by baking in my oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes, then sealed in plastic bags and shipped.

Your sterilized mask will be shipped to you within 2 business days.


Notes on Effectiveness and Instructions for Use

These face masks are made of two layers of cotton fabric and do not filter particles as effectively as an N95 mask. According to some tests, two layers of cotton fabric may filter up to 50% of COVID-19-sized particles. (Read more here). However, face masks are not a substitute for limiting your exposure to other people and minimizing trips outside of the home.

However, these fabric face masks are effective at protecting you from larger particle transmission (water droplets in air). This Wall Street Journal article explains how cloth masks can be important in preventing the spread of this pandemic. 


When wearing:

Avoid touching the mask when you're out of the house. If you need to adjust or remove it, touch only the elastic ear loops or the edges next to your ears. 

Remember that these masks do not protect you completely from COVID-19. Please keep yourself safe! Avoid touching your face and practice social distancing. Thank you!


Washing, Sanitizing, & Storage:

Wash and dry the mask as often as you can (between uses). Iron to sanitize quickly in-between washes.

Store in a clean paper bag or similar, so that it can safely dry out without further contamination. 

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